We waWRS poster 2015eng-thumbnt to be sure you are aware of (and participate in) World Refugee Sunday, June 14th or 21rd, 2015.  This is an opportunity to pray for those forcibly displaced “people on the move” around the world, as well as raise awareness and even explore possible ministry.  There are at least 51 million people in that category (according to the United Nations) with many more unaccounted for.  No one in our world best represents the widow, orphan and alien that believers are called to look after than the forcibly displaced.

Several ways you can be involved:

  • Participate!  Click this link for many free resources (posters/flyers/bulletin inserts, prayer points, media presentations, etc.) available for individuals, churches, fellowships, small groups, etc.  The main poster is available in many different languages (I have attached it in English).  Though an entire service can be structure around the theme of refugees and the opportunity they offer us, even just spending a few minutes in prayer is a great connection to the global Christian community.  We are expecting hundreds of thousands around the world to be involved in some way.
  • Check out and like the World Refugee Sunday Facebook page.
  • Follow @RefugeeHighway and @GlobalDiaspora on Twitter and retweet information about World Refugee Sunday.
  • Share this information with those in your networks, by just forwarding this email or inviting them to the Facebook page.