Letter Global Diaspora Forum 2015 Invitees and Participants

TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016 WAS A DAY OF CELEBRATION FOR GDN! The SCATTERED AND GATHERED: A Global Compendium of Diaspora Missiology was officially launched at a truly global event of over 260 leaders from 60 countries at the Global Church for a Global World Conference in Hong Kong. All available copies of the Compendium at the event were sold out!

Global Gates

Organizational Description: The mission of Global Gates is to see gospel transformation of the world’s most unevangelized people groups who have come to global gateway cities, and...
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Organizational Description: We are a family of organizations and businesses seeking to break barriers in aborderless world to bring Kingdom transformation. Borderless has been planting churches...
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World Relief

Organizational Description: Every second of every day children are orphaned by disease, women are widowed by conflicts, families are devastated by natural disasters and refugees...
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