Heavenly Father, we humbly come to You. We spread before You the troubles of our world today. They are many, more than we even know. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You.

Lord, the news articles and images of suffering migrants have broken our hearts over this situation. You know each of the individuals featured; you have numbered the hairs on their heads. They are neither statistics nor symbols to You, their Maker. Comforter in sorrow, reveal Yourself, Your power to heal and Your unfailing love.

Lord, for the migrants who are now on the journey – whether crossing the Sahara, the Mediterranean, the Bay of Bengal, the South China Sea or Mexico – we ask that You would make them aware of Your presence, Your power and Your protection. Emmanuel, may You be their hope and their refuge. May You lead them and their families to the land of rest.

Lord, for the guides, smugglers and traffickers of these migrants, we pray that You will teach them to revere Your name and love their fellow human beings as themselves.

Ruler of creation, we lift up all government leaders to You during this time of global crisis. May they rule with justice and integrity, keenly aware that any authority they have is under Your sovereignty. Give them wisdom and courage to respond in a way that honors You. King of Kings, in the countries watching people leave, bring Your peace, Your provision and Your hope. In countries watching people try to come, bring Your compassion and Your grace.

Lord God Almighty, for the militants warring against the weak, we pray You would turn their hearts away from hatred and violence. Knowing that nothing is impossible for You, we pray they would become peacemakers.

Lord, for the officials, aid workers, sailors and other field workers, we pray that the Holy Spirit will give them tender hearts and emotional strength.

Name above all names, we come against the work of evil spirits, who are trying to destroy many lives and keep people in darkness. By the blood of Jesus, we declare Your victory in the spiritual realms – that You have already purchased people from every tribe and language, their reconciliation with God and with others, their forgiveness and their everlasting joy. May Your kingdom come in the lives of migrants all over the earth.

Lord, You are the Head of the Church. You are the One who determines the times and places where we should live. Open the eyes, ears and hearts of Your people to what You are doing today. Remind us of our forefathers in faith who wandered without a country, who sought relief from hardship and oppression, who welcomed strangers and fed enemies. Encourage and energize the missionaries, ministries and churches working with migrants. Show us how to love our global neighbor and give us the boldness to obey.

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  1. Cheryl 2015-12-14

    Thank you for allowing others to join in this prayer.

    1. Cody Lorance 2015-12-14

      Thank you! Please share it with as many prayer warriors as possible!

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