GDN seeks to mobilize followers of Jesus to fulfill God's missional purposes among the people on the move. We operate under the Lausanne Movement and embrace its philosophy of ministry. Together we seek to bear witness to Jesus Christ and all his teachings...

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Our vision is to see the global Church empowered and responding effectively to the missional opportunities presented by global migration and diaspora communities. Furthermore, we envision leading seminaries and learning institutions across the globe...

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Following the Seoul Declaration on Diaspora Missiology in 2009 and the Cape Town Commitment's call to action regarding people on the move in 2010, GDN organized the Global Diaspora Forum, an international gathering of diaspora specialists, experts, agency... ...

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GDN – An Introduction

We envision leading seminaries and learning institutions across the globe providing focused training in diaspora missiology that will produce leaders who are equipped for Spirit-filled engagement in a mission to, through and beyond The People On The Move.

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